Who We Are, Why We Started Our Blog, and Who We Are Blogging For

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Hello there, reader! However you may have found our blog, we are so very happy to have you here. We’d like to give you a little picture of what our mission is over here. Since you’re probably reading this after a long day at work or on a thirty minute lunch break during naptime, we’ll keep things brief.

We are unashamed childcare nerds! We geek out over children’s books, baby clothes, craft ideas, and child development articles, and we want to share our excitement with you. To that end, consider Not Quite Mary Poppins a lifestyle blog for nannies.

Who are we writing for, you ask? We are writing for the people who take care of tiny humans every day. For the grace givers, the boo boo kissers, the “meanies” who set boundaries, and the every-moment educators who give their all to making each moment a teachable one.

We are writing for the people who teach little ones to find joy in the wildflowers and look for beauty in the mundane. We are writing because what nannies, governesses, and au pairs do is every bit as professional as what a doctor or teacher does, and we want to make that known.

We are writing to empower professionals to be their best and recognize that raising humans isn’t about competition, but community.

And finally, we are writing because we have been there. We have cried, laughed, bitten our tongues, and been an inch away from insanity all in the day. We are writing because we believe that playing with children isn’t a distraction from work, but a work worth doing, and we’re willing to bet you feel the same way.

So, readers, we at Not Quite Mary Poppins want to offer you the warmest of welcomes. In the weeks ahead, look for weekend article roundups, Sunday spotlights, “How To” articles, craft ideas, and a fun series on cities with kids. Nannies, come geek out with us! We’re so excited to have you here!

Happy Thursday!

Mackenzie and Kathryn

Disclaimer: This is not a blog about righting the wrongs of ill-intended employers or fighting for the professional and legal rights of nannies. We respect those types of blogs, but that is not what we created this space for. We are not legal experts, we are just two nannies who want to create a space of fun, creativity, and encouragement. We hope you’ll join us in that!

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