Naptime Reads


Hey everyone! Welcome to our weekly “best of the web” series, Naptime Reads. We’ve rounded up some articles, videos, products, and ideas that we love and think are relevant to YOU as modern nannies.  Grab a coffee after you put those kiddos down for nap and have a look!

A FANTASTIC letter from Lego to parents about letting children be the masters of their own play.

This sweet little bookworm bursts into tears every time a story ends. Us too, buddy. Us too.

We can’t wait for this new children’s book from one of our favorite author/illustrator duos to come out next month. (We adore their previous collaborations, too).

This kid INVENTED something to stop kids from overheating if parents forget them in a car. Whoa! Go kid go.

We bawled our eyes out reading this article on what we can learn when we take care of children that are not our own.

We love what Alene Mathurin is doing to empower nannies. You will love getting a picture of her mission.

How to ask children questions that allow them to move through a mistake instead of being stuck in guilt.

And finally, this. Because we know you love her, too.

Also, this week we posted our blog manifesto, the story behind our title, and interviewed co-founder Kathryn in our Spotlight Sunday series.

Happy Friday, nannies!

Mackenzie and Kathryn

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