Naptime Reads


Having trouble with finding creative things to do with your charges? Hello Wonderful has an adorable infograph for that!

Love this article about how to be a kid with kids! Because who doesn’t need a little bit more childish awe in their lives?

“Your expectations for your nanny should not only be centered around the tasks that she performs, but also around the manner in which she cares for your child.” Preach! We felt so validated reading this article by Tammy Gold.

Anyone else have “master fort architect” on their resume? Check out this article about the world’s leading fort expert.

As spring approaches, let’s all consider gardening as a fun activity!

We’re swooning over Boden’s Roald Dahl children’s clothing line. Can they PLEASE make the Matilda dress in our sizes?!

Love this article on music for energetic kids! You can bet we’ll be dancing energy out this afternoon with our littles!

UPDATE: Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?! Mary Poppins is coming back!

On the blog this week: 26 valuable things Kathryn learned as a nanny and Spotlight Sunday on Mackenzie.

Happy Friday!


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