Naptime Reads

Love this sweet aricle from a mom who says she learned a few things from her nanny.

Okay so this is not an article, but it is my current favorite show to watch with my littles. (G18 months quacks during the theme song)

Have you ever heard of purple crying? I hadn’t either. Check it out, it was very informative.

Love these sensory activity ideas! I am always searching for things to fill in the crazy hours.

I am fascinated by the Dutch culture; from hygge to research saying they raise the happiest kids. Loved this article on a family experimenting using a Dutch midset to raise their kids.

What DO babies think?

What is too much help? When do we need to step back and just let kids figure it out? And how can we tell the difference between hovering and helping?

On the blog this week: Morgan’s Spotlight Sunday and Fort Building for Early Development

Happy Friday!


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