Naptime Reads

Last week we shared that Sarah & Duck is a new favorite TV show to watch with our littles. Here is an article that nails expaling why we love it!

As if you needed another reason to want a chalkboard wall. The Inspired Treehouse explains why working on verticle surfaces helps with motor decelopment. 

I’m digging this HGTV video of how to make a felt garden! Definitely making one of these this spring!

So yes, this article on why you need some vitamin sea  is geared towards adults. But as it snows outside, I tend to believe that my tiny humans need a trip to the beach ASAP. We could all use a little science probing why we need a beach vacation!

You mean playdoh isn’t the new yoga?!? Signs you spend too much time with kids.

Love this list of ways to engage with newborns. If you have an itty bitty little in your care, check this out!

On the blog this week: Cicely’s Spotlight and Saint Patrick’s Day Roundup

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