St. Patrick’s Day Roundup

I’ve always had a soft spot for Saint Patty’s Day. It’s a quirky little holiday that involves several things I’m fond of, like shamrock shakes, good luck, green, and rainbows. My eldest charge – almost 3 – is just now at the age where she’s beginning to grasp the meanings and traditions behind holidays. She’s a huge bookworm, so I like to use books as the primary vehicle for introducing her to anything new, and supplement with a few simple crafts and learning or sensory activities. Here’s how we’ve celebrated this week:

I made this slime recipe found over at Little Bins for Little Hands (adapted to fit the holiday) and she loved it! It has a jiggly, jello-like consistency, and holds together well. She loved stretching it as far as it would go before breaking apart – it’s quite stretchy! This slime is considered “taste-safe” and compared to most slime recipes, it has pretty tame ingredients – water, food coloring, and ground psyllium husk/metamucil. It certainly should not be considered edible though, and I will say that it took a second attempt for me to perfect the recipe. She loves all things glitter and sparkle, so I tossed it in some gold craft glitter that I had on hand. Here’s how ours looked:

And since we’re all about embracing our imperfections over here, here is my first, failed attempt for your viewing pleasure:

Photo Mar 13, 12 23 41 PM Nope, not quite.

We also made a sun catcher in the shape of a 4-leaf clover. This was more of an on-the-fly, time-filler activity I pulled out while her little brother napped. I find contact paper to be a super versatile craft item and the big charge loves sticking things to it, so I always keep some on hand. I grabbed some old green and gold holiday tissue paper from the closet and let her rip it into tiny pieces – a great fine motor activity for little fingers. This one also involved glitter, naturally. Once she was finished, I cut the whole thing into the shape of a 4 leaf clover. Easy-peasy.

Also, BOOKS! As I mentioned, both of my charges are little bookworms (and so am I) so we checked out a big stack of books from our local library on St. Patrick’s Day. These 3 were the favorites:

  1. Lucky Tucker by Leslie McGuirk
  2. This is Ireland by Miroslav Sasek
  3. Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day! by Joan Holub

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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