Naptime Reads

Teaching toddlers limits sometimes feels like you are reaching your own limit. We love Janet Lansbury’s approach of giving toddlers choices that result in the same thing.

When we read the title of this article we were like: WHAT?! But after reading it, we wouldn’t make our charges apologize for kicking either. Sarah Weaver make’s a great point about respecting our kids by assuming their innocence and hearing them out.

Real life Mary Poppin’s journal is found?! Okay, so it isnt MP herself,  but it is the founder of Norland College. And we think that’s pretty amazing…

Anyone need an idea for a Mother’s Day craft? These handprint keychains are adorable! Defibtely on the short list for our mom bosses!

We are huge fans of gifting children with a slow paced childhood. Here is a list of 10 Reasons to give children an unbusy life. Our favorite reason? It teaches them the importance of the present.

Last but not least, an article on protecting the gentle spirit in children. The world is hard enough, we think it’s OK to feel deeply.

Bonus videos: Mayim Balik thinks emotions are a good thing too.

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