Naptime Reads



As if we needed another reason to love Ellen Pompeo! The way she speaks about the village of help she has to raise her little is amazing. All the celebration for moms who openly love on those who love on their little people.


We love this article by Rebecca Eanes about having REAL expectations for kids. Children are just that, little and learning humans. ”

I’m in full support of high standards. I think we ought to expect our children to be kind, thoughtful, and well-mannered. I think we ought to live up to our own expectations, too.” 

Rebecca Eanes


Ever find yourself stumbling on what to say about children’s art? We have. That’s why we love this article that broadens the horizon of how to respond to art in a way that fosters creativity.


I (Mackenzie) found this list of books that will make adults and children laugh RIGHT before going to the library! So needless to say I got two of the books for my littles and love them both! I also got two more Olive Jeffers books… love them!


Let kids play! Give kids the space to be creative. We love this article’s amazing advice on how to facilitate free play.


While we’re on the subject, here’s another great article about unstructured play!


*Note from the editors: thanks so much for your patience! Yesterday was a bit of craziness for us and so this post is a little later than usual. None the less, we hope you enjoy it!

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