Easter Activities!


Well folks, just like that, the season of pastels, Cadbury eggs, allergies, and that strange Easter basket grass is upon us (is that stuff really necessary? Debatable). My big charge (almost 3) has been out of preschool for the week, so we’ve gotten busy with our Easter prep. Here’s a little snapshot of what we did this week:

Egg dying! A classic Easter activity. We followed this recipe over at Happy Hooligans for marbled eggs. The process was super simple and all it required was vinegar, cooking oil, and food coloring – staple pantry items we already had on hand. She explains the process in more detail on her blog, but here’s the gist:

  1. You start by dropping your eggs in a small cup filled with hot tap water, vinegar, and food coloring – this creates your base color. You can add more drops to adjust your color as needed. This was the only step where I felt I had to watch my charge closely, you want that water to be fairly hot. I gave her a spoon and let her swirl it around a bit. The shells might crack just a tad, but the marbling effect more or less hides it (and life isn’t perfect, eh?).
  2. Let them dry a few minutes on a drying rack.
  3. On to the marbling! Rinse out your cup, and add a little more water (she recommends about 1 inch, but we did a little more than that). Add your second color, you’ll want quite a few drops to make it nice and dark. I gave my charge the bottle food coloring and let her squeeze away. Stir in your oil (1 tsp – I just eyeballed it), drop in your egg, and let your charges watch it take on a gorgeous, swirly pattern.

And voila! We had a blast doing this. The end result was lovely and my charge is pretty stoked about displaying them on the Easter table.

*A note on dying Easter eggs – I highly recommend hard-boiling them beforehand and leaving the shells on. Solves the potential tragedy of your little ones breaking them, and they can be eaten later, so good eggs won’t be going to waste. Some resources suggest poking tiny holes in them and blowing them out. I tried that last year, and my lips were sore for a solid week. Take it from me, you’ll want to hard-boil them instead. Did you know you can hard-boil eggs in the oven? You can! The shells might crack a bit in the hot water, but the marbleized effect more or less hides this. And hey, eggs sometimes crack. That’s life, eh?

Also, here are the Easter-themed ones we picked up from the library:

Bonus: I managed to get both charges involved in a little keepsake for mom and dad. The little charge is 6 months old, so his involvement was mostly passive, but he was a good sport and let me paint his feet like a champ. Since we’ve been reading Peter Rabbit, the big charge and I decided this is Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter. It seemed fitting.


Here’s a few more ideas I thought looked fun:

See more ideas on our Pinterest board here!

Have a fun Easter Friday with your kiddos!



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