Naptime Reads

Pretty sure we can ALL heard at least one (or all) of these misconceptions. Cheers to being a community that rises above them and loves our professional career!

We are constantly growing our schemes, even as adults! One big shift I (Mackenzie) had to make was about sharing. Rebcca Eanes has some amazing advice on how making sharing a choice while still encouraging generosity and kindness.

As children grow and mature, they will be better able to control their impulses and think of meeting the needs of others. Until then, encourage them to take turns, model courtesy and generosity, and acknowledge them when they do give another child a turn or share something. 

If you are nannying older children, this article has a great phrase to help you “reset” after a negative interaction. Honestly, this is an amazing tool to tuck away even if your littles are littles right now.

With Earth Day fresh in our charges minds, now is a great time to add or encourage enviornmentally friendly routines. TIME has this resource list of ideas on how to do that!

Okay, sometimes we’re just tired of the phrase terrible twos. Actually, toddlers can kind of be the best. They’re also one of Mackenzie’s favorite ages! So naturally we love this article that explains why toddlers are kind of magic. Hint: the love you when your breath smells and usually want to cuddle.

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