Naptime Reads


Don’t let those spring showers keep you indoors. Mother Natured has an article on 50 ways to play in the rain.

Speaking of outdoor play, this book by a Swedish mom looks intriguing.

I can’t say enough good things about this kids sticker subscription service. Adorably designed, well priced, and free shipping within the USA. What could be better than getting fresh sticker sheets in the mail?

“Be careful!” is one of those phrases I catch myself saying to my charges often. This dad’s article breaks down how that phrase communicates fear, and what to say instead.

This might just be the prettiest kids activity book I’ve ever seen.

A toddler’s observation is powerful – I’m sometimes caught off guard by the rituals they pick up on. Watch this sweet little fellow make coffee for his dad AND clean up afterwards.

I’ve been playing Caspar Babypants non-stop for my charges (thanks to our friend Lolo’s recommendation). Their music manages the mammoth task of charming both kids and adults, and their videos are quirky and delightful.

Have a good week, folks!


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