Naptime Reads

Play is SO important. We are advocates if free play, down time, and letting kids explore without an agenda. Here is an amazing article with a lot of great reasons why we believe these things are so vital!

Do you make funny voices when you read aloud to children? Do you add in noises? Great! Studies now show that helps children read better in later years!

We love talking to babies. Why? Because it’s way more fun to have full conversations! Apparently it can improve children’s vocabulary if you pretend you understand their babbling and answer with a conversation. That’s pretty fascinating to me!

Think nannies are just overglorified babysitters? Probably not if you’re reading our blog. But now, nanny training is getting even more intense! In Britain, they’re training their nannies on counter terrorism and cyber security!
Bonus: We LOVE this roundup of the best Yoga Videos for children!

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