Naptime Reads

Summer is coming!!! And some days the sunshine is already here in full force. If you’re looking for a safe sunscreen, here’s a great list of the worst and best to use! Personal favorites on the best list: California Baby (Super Sensative) and Badger’s Chamomile & Calendula.

Tragedy is not a subject we love to write about. But as nannies, parents, or caregivers we can be faced with concersations about big events. The tragic events in Manchester this week are one example of things we may have to talk to children about. Linda Stade has a great list of advice on how to listen to children when they want to talk about tradgedy.

We love books! And books we can read to our girls that are empowering? We love them even more! Here are a few great summer reads for your future world changers.

Mrs. Potts told the Beast, “You MUST control your temper!” Turns out this is also good advice when looking into Emotional Regulation. As caregivers we have to learn to be calm enough to hold our charges big emotions. “This very challenging task — regulating our own emotions so that we can guide our child lovingly rather than indulging in our own tantrum — is fundamental to good parenting. But it’s not just good for our kids. This inner work also helps us to grow into happier people.”  We love what Dr. Laura Markham has to say about this topic. It’s pretty great advice!
Mackenzie here! I am a self proclaimed crunchy nanny. I believe in teaching kids yoga, using essential oils, and helping ease tantrums with meditation techniques. So, roll with me for a minute as I present an article on EFT. It’s a “tapping” technique from Chinese medicine that helps ease the nervous system using pressure points. Try it on yourself as you’re emotionally regulating and see if it helps!

We read this “letter to a new mom” article and cried a little. May we be the message of “you are one hell of a mom” to the moms in our lives. The ones we know, the ones we work with, and the ones we may be one day.

We all hope kids will be well adjusted and kind. And apparently it starts with healthy relationships! Rebecca Eanes wrote a great article about the top 10 habits we can weave into daily life to help our charges as they grow!

This video is not new, but it is AMAZING! If you ever need inspiration on a long day, here it is: “Mother of Dragons” by Tai Weinman

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