Dear Nannies, We See You


Dear Nannies,

We wanted to take a moment to address YOU, the community of caregivers we have met so far on our blogging journey. We are grateful for you. We’ve grown through being inspired by you. We laugh at the instagram posts we follow and jot down notes at the awesome crafts we see. We have read the thoughtful answers to your Sunday Spotlights and said, “Yeah, us too!” Every time we meet someone new, we feel a part of something bigger.

Writing for a nanny blog has made us reflect a lot on the nature of nannying. Gosh, it is so rewarding, but it can be hard and sometimes lonely work. We work at breakneck speed to cook dinner, make bottles, do laundry, tidy up, stay afloat – and pray that naps will be long enough to accomplish our tasks. We champion our charges. We champion their parents. We work towards the greater good of the family who employs us. And we shoulder all of that largely by ourselves.

Our message to you wonderful nannies is simple: we see you. If you felt like the perfect nanny today, we see you. If you felt like the worst nanny today, we see you. If you started a new job and feel out of sorts, we see you. If you are feeling the heartbreak of saying goodbye to your charges, we see you. If someone downplayed or misunderstood your profession today, we see you. If you have wondered how you will ever be able to maintain a life outside of your work, we see you. If you wish you were acknowledged a bit more for your efforts, we see you. Oh, dear nanny friends. You are visible. You are remarkable. We marvel at the responsibility you undertake. And while you champion others, we hope that we can champion you.

Thank you. For reading. For reaching out to us. For being brave enough to share your stories. For being brave enough to love little ones each day AND seek to encourage other caregivers even when your shift is over. Thank you.

Sending out all our love.


Mackenzie and Kathryn

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