Naptime Reads


Bill Murphy Jr. on how to read to children in a way that develops intellectual empathy here. Hint: ask questions that force them to put themselves in the story.

My oldest charge picked out The Queen’s Hat by Steve Antony on our weekly library visit, and it was a firm favorite. We giggled all the way through this charming little romp through London to find the Queen’s hat that’s been blown away by the breeze. She, her corgi, and her guards visit some famous landmarks along the way, with cute illustrations to boot. I later learned it’s by the same man who wrote and illustrated Please, Mr. Panda. Steve Antony never disappoints.

To kick off summer, a recipe for sidewalk chalk that glows in the dark. How cool would this be at night?!

Janet Lansbury (our childcare hero) on how and why you should stop entertaining your toddler.

When encouraged to do something independently, does your charge pipe up instantly and say, “I can’t!”? (Mine does!). Kelly from The Reformed Idealist Mom writes here on the one word that can stop a child’s negative self-talk. Game-changer.

On a personal note: Thank you for all your kind responses to this post last week. Nanny community, you guys are the bees knees. Mackenzie and I think you’re pretty lovely.

Happy Weekend!




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