Naptime Reads


Does your charge have a book he or she wants you to read over and over and over again? Try to hold your tears of frustration, the repetition is actually good for them.

Have you heard of Brains On? It’s a science podcast geared for kids ages 7 and up. It’s based around “why?” questions like Why is the ocean salty? and Why dont carnivores need to eat their vegetables? Do you have older charges who like to know the why’s and how’s? They’ll dig this.

Tired of asking your charges “How was your day?” Here’s 50 questions to ask them instead.

The folks at the Tinkergarten blog More Than Mudpies on why children love to demolish and knock down.

This video of a little girl who does NOT want to put her feet in the grass made us smile.

Happy weekend, nannies!

Mackenzie & Kathryn


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