Naptime Reads


Jean E. Pendziwol’s No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons) is a fantastic resource for teaching fire safety, if you’re in the market for that sort of thing. It’s how my 3 year old charge learned “stop, drop, and roll.”

Power struggles are one of those tricky scenarios you can fall into before you realize it. Parenting Beyond Punishment has some helpful tips here to sidestep or resolve them.

I’m always encouraging my charges to make a mess on the job. Children primarily learn through their senses. My employers have always gotten it, but it can be hard selling some parents on the idea. This post from Creative Sense offers a handy and thorough break-down of how sensory experiences benefit children in learning and development.

A simply truth that seems too easily forgotten: children are people too, via Happiness is Here.

Need a summer boredom buster? Make ice cream in a bag (via 2 Little Hooligans) or knock out one of the science experiments on this fantastic roundup from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Happy Weekend!



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