Spotlight Sunday: Britney


Tell us about yourself!

I am a 32 year old married California native and Colorado transplant. I have a BA in Child Development and spent several years teaching in infant and preschool centers. I’ve been nannying professionally for about 8 years, with 6 of those being nanny share years. I specialize in infant and toddler nanny shares. I am also the Community Manager for Pareday , which is a nanny and family matching service. You can link up with me on social media: Facebook page, TwitterPinterest and Instagram.


What led you to becoming a nanny?

I first became a nanny when I couldn’t find a teaching position. My first position lasted a month.  The MomBoss’s home office made the job challenging, and ultimately, she just wasn’t ready for her little one to be cared for by anyone else. I went on to teach in an infant center, and a few years later found myself in another nanny position. Once I began nannying full-time, I saw that it was it’s own career, and held so many wonderful benefits of it’s own, that I just can’t see myself going back to a classroom.

Describe yourself as a nanny in 5 words.

Montessori. Thrifty. Active. Knowledgeable. Professional.

Describe your nannying approach. What is your childcare philosophy?

My childcare philosophy can be best summed up as such: I believe children thrive in an environment that is both loving and predictable in nature. Routines and boundaries are crucial to ensure a child feels safe and secure in their world. Furthermore, it is my personal belief that children need a balance between structured play time and unstructured exploration time. I spend a portion of each day simply sitting on the floor, observing the children play, being present to answer questions or lend help, but not actively engaging them. This is their time to develop new ways to play with an old toy, to self-entertain, to let their imaginations run wild. I allow my children the freedom to navigate the park, the backyard, the playroom independently, with me nearby for safety and assistance. There is a structured portion of our day, as well. A morning outing at gymnastics, library storytime, etc; or if we’re home, we do a circle time, we sit at the little table for “work” time activities, and of course lots of crafts! Life is about balance. My kids love vegetables, but they also get the occasional treat. Balance!

What do you enjoy most about being a nanny?

Honestly, I love watching the children grow and develop. They grow so quickly, so getting to enjoy this sweet part of their young life is such an honor.

What part of nannying do you find the most challenging?

The most challenging part of nannying is having to bring up and discuss issues with your bosses. Anything from needing a raise, to schedule conflicts, or behavioral issues with the kids. Nannying is so intimate and personal of a work relationship, and it can be a challenge to separate the friend you have in your boss from them as your employer.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning his or her nanny career?

Stand up for yourself! Do not be afraid to ask for the things that would make your job easier or better. You’ll never get the things you don’t ask for.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

7- 8 am: arrive at work
Feed or clean up breakfast
9ish: we’re out the door to an am activity: gymnastics, music, library, or a playdate
11:30: we return home for lunch
1-3: naptime
4: snack; outside play time or inside table time
5-6ish: go home!

What is your go-to nanny outfit?

Jeans and a sweater or T Shirt; although today I’m in a dress and leggings. I wear jeans to work, because they are thick and hardy for whatever the day may bring: baby vomit, boogers, even dog poop recently. Since I am a thrift store junkie, I don’t mind wearing semi-nice things to work, since I paid only a few bucks, haha.

How do you wind down after a long day on the job?


I go home to my husband, dog, and cat. Enjoy dinner, watch a show, and usually take the dog on an evening walk. If the day is exceptionally long or challenging, I stop at the store for an evening treat like ice cream or cookies. Generally, I do not buy these and therefore don’t have any at home on hand.

Any childcare books, websites, or resources you recommend?

Parenting with Love and Logic by Forster Cline & Jim Fay! It’s a quick read and you can follow them on social media for helpful tidbits on a daily basis. It is just a really logical way to engage your children, using natural consequences. It is my go-to recommendation for parents.


Love and Logic’s Website resources can be found here.

The gals behind Not Quite Mary Poppins are always looking to grow our bookshelf! What are your favorite children’s books?

I love rhyming books, since they are most enjoyable for toddlers and their language development. So Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae, Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E. Shaw, Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle (and the follow-up books), or anything by Sandra Boynton are staples in all of my nanny homes.

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