Naptime Reads


Teacher Tom on what real learning looks like. We couldn’t agree more.

Jenny from Let the Children Play on how passive toys make active learners.

We’re big fans of recycled crafts over here. Swooning over Jane’s idea for an egg carton flower mobile over at Buzzmills. Just an egg carton, a stick, butcher’s twine, and watercolors. This would be lovely to hang in a charge’s room once they finish it.

Bridgette at Blessings Multiplied posted here about putting lunchbox items in labeled drawers at child level so her kids could make their own lunches. What a great way to inspire independence, and no more complaining about what’s for lunch!

Let’s talk about crossing the midline. It’s one of the most important gross motor skills for growing children to master, especially when it comes to writing skills and hand-dominance. Tracy’s post at OT Mom Learning Activities gives a good overview of why it’s developmentally important and Heather from Growing Hands On Kids has a great list of games and practical activities that encourage the skill here.

Happy weekend!

Mackenzie & Kathryn

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