Naptime Reads



Okay friends, first and foremost we have a matter of safety to talk about. We love playgrounds in the summer time! If your little loves to go on the slide with you, this is a great safety read!

Read aloud is so awesome! Boosting vocabulary, critical thinking, and listening skills are just a few of the many benefits. So, how do you read aloud to a really active child? We love these 5 tips on reading to kids who love running around by Janssen Bradshaw!

We love linen fabric, rompers, and polkadots. So obviously we’re swooning over this adorable romper by Naia.

How often do you find yourself yelling, “Be careful!” If you’re like us it’s probably often. How do we as caregivers best manage the risks our charges take? Child & Nature Alliance of Canada says that the best way may be by being more specific. We love their suggestions of specific phrases for things like climbing, running, and being near something dangerous.

What if tantrums don’t exist? Would we view the average day of a toddler differently?


We hope you enjoy the food for thought for your weekend! Thanks for being such a wonderful community!

Mackenzie and Kathryn

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