Naptime Reads

Hello Friends!


Happy August! Summer is winding down, so enjoy the poolside picnics and playground days as long as you can! We’ll just be soaking up enough Vitamin D to last the winter (yes, we know that isn’t how it works, but we can wish it was!). We hope you enjoy the sunshine and these articles as much as we do!


We love this article on the importance of empathy. When child learns to see through other people’s eyes they are less likely to hurt other feelings. Let’s teach our kids to care about each other.


Speaking of how we raise kids, we’re loving Jenn Hallak’s writings about raising them wild. Mackenzie actually cried a little while reading it.

“So, let’s let our kids get dirt on their fingers and mud on their toes because if they’re able to experience that feeling of pure joy, of pure happiness in literal dirt, then we’ve done well as parents. Let’s let them pick up sticks and play in the mud and touch caterpillars and roll on the grass. Stains on their clothes can wash away but those memories will last a lifetime.” – Jenn Hallak


As a Nanny, we are constantly wondering what the day of other nannies looks like. It’s one of the reasons we love Spotlight Sunday’s so much! We were really excited to see Nanny Counsel write A Day in the Life of A Professional Nanny. Following Allie around was a blast!


Brooke from Nanny Counsel wrote a great article on nanny rights this week. In our ever evolving profession it’s important to know what the laws and standards are. Typically we are our own HR department, so we love that Brooke offers sound council on how we can do that.


Are you a personality test junkie? You’ll love Psychology Junkie’s article on the struggles on being an INFJ child. We’ll be hoping to find a series on each Meyer’s Briggs type for children!


Happy weekend!

Mackenzie and Kathryn

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