Nap time Reads

Hi Caregivers of all kinds!

Happy Friday. This week we found quite a few articles on self care and emotions. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


We love Britney. She is such an amazing caregiver. We also loved reading her thoughts on Nanny Guilt.

Yes, this article was written for moms. But sometimes Nannies have really similar emotional days. I love how the author takes a moment to say that it’s OK that we have emotions. It is!

It is important to own those feelings, apologize if you do unleash them on others, and take the steps necessary to cope with them…


What is it to be a Nanny? Christine does an amazing job of describing the indescribable. The crazy days, the highest highs, the firsts, and the goodbyes. We love the way she puts it.


Mackenzie is a huge fan of simplicity. She loves simple toys, simple living, and her tiny home. So she was ecstatic to be able to share an article on how simplicity can bring out the extraordinary aspects of childhood. It may also guard against Mackenzie then also ran off to go find a copy of Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne!


YES to this beautiful study on how storytelling is just as complex and involved as music and mathematics. It can help children learn creativity, complexity, and empathy. Teaching storytelling instead of or with grammar is just as compelling! I love this compelling argument to put storytelling into more curriculum material.


So, we hope you enjoy the articles this week!
Enjoy your weekend too!

Mackenzie and Kathryn

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