Naptime Reads

This week we decided to reformat our weekly roundup to make it more readable for you! We hope you enjoy the new layout almost as much as we hope you enjoy the weekend!

Our favorite articles:

  • How Gardening helps build happier and healthier kids
  • How being busy kills creativity, and what we can do to build creativity (for us and for children)
  • How to use giggles to encourage cooperation in toddlers!
  • This article on why to sing all day validates why I make up songs to sing to/with kids every day! (Mackenzie)
  • Being a Nanny Does Not ruin being a Mom (and I would say it again and louder for the critics in the back commenting on how Nannying must be the best birth control).


“Many of the world’s greatest minds made important discoveries while not doing much at all.” Derek Beres


Our favorite video:

We can’t help but giggle at this Despatcio parody by sesame street!


Our children’s book of the week:

King Baby by Kate Beaton

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