Naptime Reads

Happy September!!

Our favorite atricles:

  • Reading aloud to a kid who won’t sit still
  • What is a Carreer Nanny vs a Professional Nanny? Is the difference important? Which one are you?
  • Have a newborn you’re taking care of? We love this list of scientifically prove ways to engage with newborns!
  • We love this list of practical ways to introduce life tasks to toddlers! The start of a school year is a GREAT time to introduce new routines!
  • Some kids give up easily and some kids push through. It may be a personailty trait, but a lot of studies say it’s a mindset. Huffington Post has a great article on how and why to encourage a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.
  • Here is a great list of activities you can do/use before TV!


“When children who are adept at occupying themselves seem bored, they are often on the verge of an idea for a new activity. Sometimes they need more of our attention, or a nap.”

Janet Landsbury

Media spotlight:

Do you have a little who LOVES stories? Mackenzie here, I definitely do. I love to use podcasts with my littles. They can listen and play legos or just listen (and I can get a few deep breaths in before the next read aloud book!). We have found ourselves holding our sides at the Story Pirates! They’re engaging, entertaining, and all the stories are written by kids! Talk about inspiring creativity! I highly reccomend a listen! This one is my current personal favorite:

Children’s book of the week:

Little Wolf’s First Howling is a cute book about learning to do new things. I love the daddy wolf’s encouragement through the book, and how he supports little wolf’s decision to howl in his own unique way! Cute read!

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